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I Stand Firm in Knowing…


… you have a gift to share

You have come here to this place and at this time to give something important to the world


… you have the right to love

There may have been many things in your life that seemed to tell you otherwise, but when you listen deeply to your wants and needs, you will hear the longing to be loved.


… you have answers within you

When we learn to listen deeply, to question intently and to communicate compassionately with ourselves – we will uncover our own truths. Sometimes we need help learning these tools, and interpreting the information we find.


… you can be your own best friend

When you listen to the words you speak to yourself, are they words of kindness and support, or are words of disrespect, anger and contempt. It is so important for us to learn to create our own inner best friend.


… you can be heard and understood

Many of us feel our truth, our experience, our understandings are often drowned out by the views, actions and feelings of others. You have a right and a need to be understood by another person.


A Little Something Personal  scottbonnel headshot

  • When I was in kindergarten, there was a little girl with a patch over her eye. All the other kids started teasing her. In an act of heroic bravery fit for the big screen, I stood next to her and told the kids if they made fun of her they were making fun of me. Then I gave my meanest ‘I mean business’ face. I guess it’s safe to say that helping take care of people and their feelings has been in my blood from the very beginning. It is my life’s passion to help people realize the power and knowledge they posses to create the change in their lives.
  • I have been practicing the art of therapy since 2004 – working with individuals, couples and adolescents.
  • I graduate of Antioch University Los Angeles with my Master of Arts in Psychology
  • I graduated from CSULB with a Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts. I’ve been a professional theater actor and director for twenty years.
  •  I teach graduate and undergraduate courses at Mount Saint Mary’s College. Some of my favorite course to teach are Couples Counseling, Human Sexuality, and Lifespan Development (for more information see my CV on this site).
  • I also teach a Practicum course for MFT Trainees and work often with Interns in consultation and supervision.
  •  I love to iron cloths. Seriously. There’s something about taking a wrinkled cloth and making it beautifully smooth.
  • My gifts are gentleness, compassion, generosity, love, authenticity and humor. In session, I won’t simply be nodding with some “Uh-huh.” “I see.” “Tell me about your mother.” — You will be heard. I will reflect what I hear you saying — even when that’s not what you think you are saying. I may share some tears with you and we most certainly will share some laughs.
  •  I love to cook. One day I am considering offering a Culinary Therapy Session. We talk. We eat. What could be more nourishing?