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Aerophobia Is On The Rise

Posted by on July 13, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off

Aerophobia Is On The Rise
As a trusted counselor and counseling facility in Torrance California, Scott A Bonnel, LMFT has seen the ups and downs when dealing with phobias. Having a phobia can be a stressful situation and trying to battle one can be even more difficult. One of the most common phobias is gradually becoming a larger issue than before, as many phobias were created as a result of man’s advancements in technology and knowledge

The fear of flying, aerophobia, was never an issue until we invented airplanes. Before then, we had never flown before so we had no reason to be afraid of flying… other than falling part of it. Now, it is almost impossible to not fly. These man-made phobias have also been known to create other mental health issues. For instance, a person that has a fear of flying can suffer from a variety of conditions like anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and/or nausea when they travel by air.

Phobias created by man means that the number of sufferers will only rise due to the popularity of whatever is causing the fear. So as more and more people use airplanes as a form of travel, the more people that will probably suffer from the fear of flying.

Individual and group therapy has been known to help ease some of the symptoms of aerophobia. While some newer techniques are being tested to treat aerophobia such as virtual flight simulation or hypnosis, no groundbreaking discoveries have resulted from these tests. The most positive difference is counseling from a professional to help ease the symptoms created by this phobia.

Living life with a phobia is a difficult obstacle to overcome. When dealing with aerophobia you should always seek professional therapy. For more information on how you can start living an easier life contact Scott A Bonnel, LMFT, and take back control of your life.