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Professional Consultation for MFTs and Interns  

Malcolm Gladwell in his novel Outliers (2008) says that it takes 10,000 hours for anyone to become an “expert” on any given subject. As Marriage and Family Therapists, we are licensed after 3,000 hours on training and internship. Where exactly do we gain 10,000 hours on any specific topic? Many of the clients we work with come in with incredibly complex issues. Trying to understand their challenges, diagnostic picture, and providing proper assessments and interventions can be difficult work. Helping therapists be the best therapist they can be is one of my greatest passions. This is one of the main reasons I teach practicum courses, working with MFT trainees as they learn to navigate such a specialized career.

For Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Social Workers, my professional consultation service can help you

  • Assess any of your own blind spots
  • Understand context and dynamics you may have difficulty seeing
  • Develop and hone clinical skills Provide alternative perspectives Check on legal and ethical contexts
  • Increase your clinical effectiveness

For Intern/Trainee Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Assistance in navigating the licensing process Paperwork compliance (Statements of Responsibility, Weekly Hour Logs, Exam Eligibility Verification)
  • Ensure you are getting all of the appropriate hours you deserve
  • Sharpen your clinical skills Explore and discover alternative methodologies

Clinical consultation for an individual licensed mental health professional in need of a single appointment or an ongoing experienced perspective is a thoughtful, professional and “due diligent” way to practice your profession.

Please feel free to contact me today regarding your consultation needs. I look forward to supporting you in any way I can. Professional Consultation Fee is $200 for initial session – further session will be negotiated when Intern/Trainee Consultation Fee is $150 per session.


Short-term Solution Focused Work-Life Balance for Professionals  

Most successful professionals state they found success by learning to have a work/life balance. For professionals struggling to understand ways they can improve their balance, may want to consider Solution Focused Work-Life Balance consultation. Consider the following to see if this applies to you:

  • Do you schedule and actually engage in any “down-time”?
  • Do you have stress or anxiety reducing techniques you use regularly?
  • Does your work schedule often intrude on your life plans?
  • Do you spend time envisioning your future?
  • Are you generally satisfied with how much you engage in work versus home?

 If you answered no to any one of these questions, it could be helpful to engage in a couple of consultation sessions. If you answered no to two or more, you definitely need some time to gain some perspective.

 Consultation sessions usually run for 4 to 6 weekly sessions. After your initial assessment, a focussed goal will be determined and we will work together to enable you to further your intention toward finding balance. Sessions are $200 per session or $1,000 for the 6 week package.