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Individual Counseling for Adults and Adolescents


Self Care

  • Become Your Own Best Friend
  • Discover Your Personal Love Language
  • Increase your emotional awareness and intelligences
  • Create Change in Your Life

You and Relationships

  • Deepen your understanding of relationships
  • Learn how to manifest your ideal mate
  • Grow yourself within your relationship
  • Rekindle your feelings for your self and your partner


  • Empower yourself
  • Learn to listen to your feelings
  • Interpret your intuition
  • Create peace within and without you




Relationship Counseling for Couples


Building a Solid Relationship

  • Start your relationship off right
  • Learn how to listen and communicate effectively
  • Discover questions you may not have considered
  • Plant seeds of love that will blossom through the seasons

Remedying Relationships

  • Discover ways to heal from resentment
  • Learn ways understand each other
  • Uncover blocks to intimacy and communication
  • Learn how to love each other effectively

Rebuilding Relationships

  • Learn how to heal from resentment and infidelity
  • Increase personal awareness, power and responsibility
  • Find methods of creating safety and compassion
  • Explore dynamics that may have created distance and resentment




Anxiety and It’s Friends


Anxiety and Panic

  • Learn how to identify what you are feeling
  • Explore where feelings come from
  • Gain tools dealing with feelings Decrease your panic

Phobias and Obsessions

  • Understand the nature of phobias and obsessions
  • Learn the “trick” of panic
  • Manage and decrease obsessive thoughts

Attention Issues

  • Discover alternative understanding of ADD/ADHD
  • Learn tools on managing the culprit to inattention
  • Turn a “disorder” into an advantage