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Tips to Nurture a Mindful Marriage

Posted by on June 23, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off

Marriage life has become a complex thing for many as demonstrated by the divorce rates. We want to make a happy marriage life, but we are checking the bolts and nuts to see that everything is set in place. Often times, couples tend to shower each other with blames and adopt a self defense lifestyle that only keeps on hurting the very wobbly marriage situation. Safe-care and mindfulness are two elements we cannot abandon in the journey of marriage. Here are tips that can help nurture a mindful marriage:


Learn about your significant other

You want to understand the needs of your spouse. Find out what you need from your spouse, discover ways to ask for it, and determine how best you can use your time. This way, you are learning the self care love lingo of your other half.


Help each other

You may have different personalities, but that shouldn’t take away your need to care for the other. If you are an introvert and your husband is an extrovert, you should identify ways to compliment those different personalities. You may find that if you sacrifice for each other’s needs, you can sail through smoothly in your marriage.


Talk, Talk, Talk…

Talking to each other paves way for self assessment and finding ways to feed out your souls to create the life you want for that day. Ask your spouse, “What do you desire to do today or what do you need?” The idea is to identify the activities that will make your day productive while accommodating each other. At the end of the day, you should strive to remain refreshed and stable.


Fight for one another

If you are the husband, learn the habit of getting in tune with your spouse and see what they need even when they aren’t communicating it. Also, don’t limit your self-care at the expense of your spouse. Create a balance and ensure you take care of the needs of your wife, while she also takes care of yours.


The journey of marriage has its own set of challenges and you may find that it requires grace and flexibility backed by constant evolution. That’s the reason marriage is referred to as an institution because you’re learning something new every day and you have to discover ways to keep the wheel rolling in the right direction. Let Scott A Bonnel, LMFT help you in building your marriage life.